Why We Always Have Lowest Price Guarantee

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Aug 28, 2018 12:01:38 PM

Surgo Surgical Supply is a part of a $4 billion buying group which allows us to always give our customers a lowest price guarantee. Through this, you'll gain a bit of insight as to how this is possible via IMCO.

IMCO, Independent Medical Co-op, was founded in 1981 to help independent medical supply distributors have the same purchasing power as large national medical supply distributor companies. 35 years later and IMCO is still dedicated to those independent companies who wish to remain independent.


IMCO is the reason why independent medical supply companies, like Surgo, are able to have such control over access to products and so much more. 

  • IMCO's medical supply distributor members are in the USA, Canada, and the US Virgin islands. 
  • IMCO's members operate in multiple market, including Primary Care, Extended Care, Acute Care, Home Care, EMS, Vet, Industrial Safety, Dental, Lab, etc.
  • IMCO utilizes market member advisory groups to help with strategic direction in the medical supply market.
  • IMCO's model promotes and supports direct relationships with over 200 medical supply manufacturers.
  • Their management team has over 200 years of successful experience in the medical supply industry, both in medical supply distribution and medical supply manufacturing.
  • IMCO has over 134 medical supply distributor members with 166 locations and over 1000 total sales representatives in the field.
  • All IMCO's members have a combined volume of approximately $4.2 billion in annual medical supply sales.
  • IMCO provides Members access to many of the major GPO's.


IMCO's Mission:

"To strengthen the independent medical Distribution Channels by providing access to products, contract negotiations, marketing and business services through our relationships and programs with out vendor partners."


IMCO's Vision:

"To empower our Medical Distribution Members to deliver exceptional value in products and services provided by our vendor and resource partners for healthcare providers and their patients."


Being apart of the IMCO members group is the reason why we, Surgo Surgical Supply, is able to offer you the lowest price guarantee. IMCO aids independent companies, like us, maintain a strong relationship with vendors and top quality manufacturers. Vendor relationships are strategically developed to enhance trust , commitment and value, while top quality manufacturers offer exceptional prices, reasonable terms, low minimums, and strong sales rep support.

With access to these relationships, Surgo is able to always give customers a products lowest price.


To learn more about IMCO, visit: www.imcoinc.com


To start ordering with Surgo Surgical Supply today, visit: www.surgo.com


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