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Why Lease Your Medical Equipment When Setting Up Your New Practice

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Sep 7, 2017 9:08:04 PM

Setting up a new clinic is costly and frequently there is not sufficient patient flow to support the initial costs of your medical furniture and equipment, not to mention lease holds, computers, telephones etc. Leasing your medical equipment is your best financial choice for several reasons.

1. Write-off your payments as a tax expense:
With leasing, you have the option to write off your payments as a tax expense rather than claim your equipment’s depreciation over the equipment’s useful life. Before making any equipment acquisition, always talk to your accountant to learn about your best tax option.

2. Structure payments to match your revenue:
Financing’s flexibility means you can tailor your payments to match your cash flow. Most leasing companies have different payment structures. Payment structure can be monthly, seasonally, bi-annually or annually. There are also step-up or step-down payments available so you can increase or decrease payments along with your practice’s varying revenue.

3. Frequently there is no down payment required when leasing medical equipment, saving much needed cash for the critical early days of any new practice.

Finance your medical equipment
Leasing is a great solution to overcome the financial challenges of acquiring new medical equipment and setting up a new clinic. At Surgo, we work with several Leasing companies to provide you with the absolute best service.


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