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Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Aug 23, 2018 10:44:58 AM

Cryosuccess is the best tool for liquid freezing procedures. This product uses a unique method of direct contact between the liquid nitrous oxide and the skin, a constant penetrating temperature of -89°C.


The Top Selling Features of the Cryosuccess are:

  • Cryotherapy using Nitrous Oxide is a sought after type of procedure
  • Patients prefer it to other procedure options
  • Fast procedures, 1 - 10 seconds
  • Ready to go at anytime

With using the Cryosuccess, there are a lot of advantages that come:

  • Low treatment cost
  • Simple and secure handling
  • Extremely precise application, with a constant penetrating temperature of -89°
  • Fits in the hand like a pen
  • Suitable for almost all skin-changes
  • Accessories for special applications in gynaecology, proctology, urology, plastic surgery, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and podiatry and aesthetics
  • No destruction of biological function or structures
  • Excellent cosmetic effects
  • Almost no scar formation
  • No bleeding, no anaesthesia required


The Cryosuccess is a simple yet powerful handheld cryosurgery device that is used for accurate treatment of skin lesions making it ideal for use in minor surgery.


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