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SutureOut is a new and innovative tool that provides fantastic results for patients and your medical clinic.

Suture removal is a delicate procedure that requires precision and deftness in order not to damage the healing wound or cause further patient pain with the sharp instruments that are commonly used for suture removal.  Scissors or other sharp instruments coming close to a vulnerable area can make even the bravest patient shrink from the practitioner.  Nervous patients can add stress to a procedure  that should be a quick, easy and painless affair.  

SutureOut's unique method of cutting from the outside in of the suture (see images below) with it's flat, safe blade, changes the procedure from one that many patients dread, to a stress free and pain free one - it also eliminates the risk of further damage to the wound.   

Gathering the removed sutures from the surrounding area for disposal can add unnecessary minutes to your already busy day.  A check of the area to account for all sutures  (likely a few escaped under a bit of dressing, skittered under the table or found their way to a far corner of the room) can be a timely affair.  The integral tacky surface that removed sutures adhere to is conveniently located right on the SutureOut instrument, providing peace of mind and procedure efficiency.   Smiling patients plus quick and easy clean up makes any day brighter!


OUCH!!        Conventional suture removal                                  PAIN and TRAUMA FREE!!  SutureOut


The real possibility of accidental additional injury from unguarded scissors and blades while removing sutures is eliminated with SutureOut.  SutureOut uniquely cuts from the OUTSIDE IN instead of the conventional INSIDE OUT.

The unguarded tip of scissors is prone to damaging patients skin, or even the healed wound. Conventional suture removal tools require substantial elevation of the suture loop in order to cut the suture while suture out is specifically designed to safely cut sutures from the outside.

586f11_7dc8c32af22c48b1a0a74621e4c5f7f9_mv2SutureOut - Efficient and Tidy


SutureOut is really the ultimate suture removal tool allowing the practitioner to deftly manage even  tightly knotted and embedded sutures with its innovative design that cuts from the outside in. The unique guarded SutureOut blade is less intimidating to young or anxious patients.

No less important, is the integral tacky surface on the SutureOut tool to collect the removed sutures. No more accounting for or locating loosed sutures, they simply and easily adhere to the SutureOut tool itself. Now with the procedure completed, the tool is easily disposed of. SutureOut is small, and is designed with mostly degradable materials, allowing clinics to reduce garbage volume and environmental footprint overall.  The innovative tool keeps suture removal in the realm of a minor procedure.

If your are interested in seeing how SutureOut improves suture removal procedures in your clinic, try one today!

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SutureOut - Cuts from the OUTSIDE In


Innovative SutureOut can help your clinic:

  • Improve results
  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Mess
  • Reduce Environmental Footprint
  • Remove patient fear of suture removal