New In Medical Supplies!

New! Veterinarian Animal Blood Pressure Products

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Aug 9, 2018 3:55:55 PM

A more reliable way to measure blood pressure and vital signs is given to you through the new SunTech Vet Monitors and Cuffs. These monitors measure vital signs in a fast, simple and silent manner. 

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New Vital Signs Analyzing Monitor! The Seca mVSA 535

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jul 25, 2018 1:50:29 PM

We have a new vital signs analyzer here at Surgo Surgical Supply; the Seca Medical Vital Signs Analyzer 535.

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The Most Effective Surface Disinfectant For Your Clinic.

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jul 19, 2018 3:46:26 PM

Metrex offers a variety of top quality surface disinfectant wipes and other products. The line of Cavi products has proven to be efficient and effective in the workplace and leaves the customer beyond satisfied. We at Surgo Surgical Supply want you to be able to choose from all the Cavi products which is why we offer a variety of them. These products are:

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New! Vermed Electrodes.

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jul 13, 2018 12:13:13 PM

Your medical facility should always have electrodes on hand. Now at Surgo we have brought in a new brand of electrodes which we think our customers will love. These high quality electrodes come in different shapes and varieties of sticky gels for the best experience possible. 

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New! Clickfine Insulin Pen Needle 5mm

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jul 12, 2018 3:45:44 PM

Surgo now offers another size of Clickfine Insulin Pen Needles; 5mm x 31G. These Clickfine Pen Needles provide the quality a diabetic instrument always should. They have an even smoother injection compared to other insulin needles thanks to the innovation and precision created by Ypsomed.

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Need Help Setting Up an Exam Room?

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jul 10, 2018 4:43:50 PM

Exam Room Set Up is the key to having a smooth running clinic. Therefore, it is obvious that you would require quality information on products for exam rooms. 

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Why You Should Try Online Ordering for Your Next Purchase

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jun 27, 2018 4:00:28 PM

Why not make your ordering experience easier and more convenient?

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No More Hassle Attaining MSDS Sheets

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jun 20, 2018 12:00:27 PM

We at Surgo Surgical Supply understand the hassle collecting and updating MSDS sheets can be. This is why we have worked to offer you a database where you can search and download the MSDS sheets for free.

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Be Informed On SutureOut

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jun 20, 2018 11:30:23 AM

SutureOut is the best suture removal instrument on the market. This product is more comfortable for the patient as well as being proactive in cleanup and making suture removal the easiest it has ever been. 



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The Most Comfortable Insulin Needles on the Market!

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jun 19, 2018 9:57:16 AM

Surgo wants you to have the most reliable, comfortable and highest quality insulin needles on the market which is exactly why we are putting our focus on diabetic products. Between the Clickfine Pen Needle and the Orbit Infusion Sets you will be ready to take on the comfort you deserve while treating diabetes. 

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