NEW! Amico Rail Mounted Diagnostic Systems

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Aug 31, 2018 2:57:21 PM

Here it is! The wall diagnostic system mount that is guaranteed to make your day-to-day easier. Amico has created a rail mounted diagnostic system that gives you accessibility like no other diagnostic system could. With the ability to switch around the products on the rail to your personal liking, efficiency is incredibly attainable. 

Surgo Surgical Supply is offering you 4 variations of the Amico rail mounted diagnostics system, these include:

  • Amico Rail Mounted Diagnostic System
  • Amico Rail Mounted Diagnostic System with Thermometer
  • Amico Rail Mounted Diagnostic System with Storage 
  • Amico Rail Mounted Diagnostic System with Storage and Thermometer


*Pictured Above: Amico Rail Mounted Diagnostic System with Storage


This diagnostic system gives you many benefits, of those include:

  • Enhance workflow in your exam room and organize your space
  • Allows you to easily change the orientation of your equipment
  • A wide range of accessories and storage units that are available for you to add to your rail mount
  • Modular design allows for easy customization
  • Equipment is antimicrobial treated to assist with infection control
  • Compatible with a wide variety of manufacturer's instrument heads, bulbs and specula



Take control of the order of products on your wall along with the many choices of accessories and storage units to make procedures go smoother.

Optimize Workflow:

A more organized diagnostics wall and easy storage for procedure accessories make your work space exceedingly efficient.

More Face Time:

Give your patients the focus they deserve during the appointment. Less time spent on finding instruments and products allowing more face time for the patient.



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