Jumbo Crepe Table Paper - Half the Roll Changes

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Dec 19, 2016 11:28:40 PM

Jumbo Crepe Rolls Make your Day Easier

Our customers love our new Jumbo Crepe table paper for three simple reasons.  

Here is why:

  1. Our Jumbo Crepe Table Paper requires half the roll changes
  2. There are half the number of cores that go into your waste stream
  3. Extra Strength means it will not tear



Standard rolls of Crepe Pare have 125' of paper on each roll.  Our Jumbo Crepe has 250' on each roll. Rather than receive twelve rolls in each case our customers get six rolls.  You receive the same amount of paper but half the number of rolls.  No one enjoys changing table paper rolls, our jumbo crepe eliminates half of the changes.  It also takes up slightly less storage space.

Each core that is used to create a roll of paper is 18" x 1.25" diameter.  10 cases of our Jumbo Crepe eliminates 60 cores from your waste stream.  This is a significant amount of unnecessary waste diverted.  Remember, Reduce is the first word in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategy.

Table paper cores are also a nuisance in your waste receptacle.  Because of their awkward nature table paper cores  prevent waste receptacles from being used to their full capacity, requiring more frequent bag changes by staff. 

Finally our table paper is tough.  It is made "like they used to" from high strength paper.  It does not tear unlike the compromised quality of other brands. Our customers love it.

Here is a link to our jumbo crepe  - Enjoy!


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