Bringing Cryosurgery into Veterinarian Clinics

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Aug 29, 2018 12:14:52 PM

Cryosurgery is the use of extremely cold nitrous oxide in procedure to rid the patient of various skin abnormalities. Cryosurgery does not involve any kind of cutting into the skin but instead it just freezes the skin condition for a few seconds at a time, eventually ridding the skin of the deformation. 

"The application of intense cold will result in the death of the targeted tissue and the numbing of surrounding sensory nerves reducing pain and discomfort"

Cryosurgery is the next step for veterinarian clinics because it reduces time of surgery as well as eliminates the use of anesthesia for small treatments. Anesthesia always causes concern for pet owners as there are complications that can occur during procedure because of the anesthesia. Without the animal having to go under, the cost reduces and there are far less dangers attached to the treatment compared to normal procedure options. 

The cryosurgery technique is especially sought after when the procedures are for pure cosmetic reasons, such as smaller lesions and skin tags on the face, nose, ears, legs and feet.  


How does it work?

Surgo is offering you the Cryosuccess, a portable cryosurgery device that offers precise application, ergonomic design and is ideal for use in minor surgery. 

The Cryosuccess unit function is based on cold expansion, whereby liquid N20 (Nitrous Oxide) is brought directly through a micro capillary to the area to be treated, under a remaining constant temperature of -89°C (184,4 K). Freezing of the tissue to a depth of 3 mm, by a diameter of 10 mm is reached after an application time of 12 seconds. Patients feel a light tickle, similar to a mosquito bite. In the following days, normally a necrosis forms, peeling after approx. 10 to 14 days. Usually pigmentation comes back after a few weeks. However, the re-pigmentation could also take longer depending on the type of skin. Pain is usually not felt but of course the sensitivity for pain is quite individual. Therefore, a higher sensitivity is possible when removing bigger lesions.


The benefits of Cryosuccess:

  • Low treatment costs
  • Simple and secure handling
  • Extremely precise application, with a constant penetrating temperature of -89°C
  • Fits in the hand like a pen
  • Suitable for almost all skin-changes
  • Accessories for special applications in gynaecology, proctology, urology, plastic surgery, dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry and aesthetics
  • No destruction of biological function or structures
  • Excellent cosmetic effects
  • Almost no scar formation
  • Non bleeding treatment, no anesthesia required
  • Practically painless
  • The majority of symptoms disappear after just one treatment


Cryotherapy is the perfect addition to a veterinary clinic, benefiting the animals, owners and veterinarians. There are far less dangers using this type of procedure compared to other options as well as less cost per treatment. Why wait? Get the cryosuccess today.


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