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Why the Cryoprobe is replacing Liquid Nitrogen

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Jan 24, 2017 3:44:10 PM

The Cryoprobe offers many significant advatages over liquid nitrogen for Cryotherapy procedures. Below are the main reasons why our customers are choosing the Cryoprobe.

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The CryoProbe™ offers unrivaled convenience and flexibility. The combination of accuracy, ultra-cold freezing power and pressure provides a unique and more effective treatment than all other systems on the market today.

  1. Accuracy: The ability to pinpoint to just one millimeter allows treatment the smallest lesions--even around the eye! Four different sizes of applicator tips, varying in the range of 1mm to 15mm offer flexibility of treatment and ensure that only the lesion is treated, not adjacent healthy tissue.
  2. Freezing Power: The CryoProbe™ provides Nitrous Oxide at -127°F – the next coldest to liquid nitrogen.

  3. Pressure: Delivery of the coolant via disposable cartridges at 725psi allows deeper, faster penetration to the bottom of the lesion without pausing for ice build-up, with little to no pain experienced by the patient.

  4. Virtually Pain Free Treatment that enhances treatment: With the CryoProbe™, patient comfort dictates the treatment. Once the bottom of the lesion is reached, the patient will feel a small sting which is the indication to stop the treatment. A patient experiencing only minimal discomfort will allow for longer treatment, deeper freeze, and more effective results. Patients who enjoy a positive experience during treatment are also more likely to become repeat customers.

  5. Health and Safety: The Cryoprobe has none of the dangers inherent with handling liquid nitrogen. Workplace accidents are much less likely to occur in clinic using the Cryoprobe for their cryotherapy procedures.

  6. Always ready for use: The Cryoprobe is always ready for use at a moments notice. Unlike liquid nitrogen there is no time required to dispense or prepare the Cryoprobe for use.

  7. No rental Fees.

  8. No loss of Cryogen to evaporation.

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