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What Happened to BPTRU?

Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on May 16, 2018 3:00:22 PM

The BPTRU Brand of Blood pressure devices was a Canadian success story. The BPTRU was the most popular automated digital blood pressure device in Canada.  Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business.

On August 9th 2017 BPTRU suddenly, without notice, ceased doing business. On this date their website was taken down and their phone lines & email were disconnected.

The consequences of this have been very significant in Canada. Three obvious questions arise for our customers.

1. How do I repair my BPTRU?

2. How Can I purchase Accessories for my BPTRU?

3. I need a BPTRU – what is the closest equivalent?


Fortunately, at Surgo, we have been working diligently to solve these issues for our customers.

How Do I repair my BPTRU?

If your BpTRU is in need of repair we can have it fixed. We have contracted with a certified BPTRU Biomedical Engineer who can repair and certify your BPTRU. We have also secured enough spare parts of the BPTRU to last several years at least.  Your BPTRU can be repaired.  Do not feel you need to decommission it or dispose of your BPTRU if it requires service.  Call Surgo before making that decision.


Can I purchase Accessories for my BPTRU? 

At Surgo we have sourced all the accessories required to keep your BPTRU functioning. This includes cuffs, batteries, power supply transformers, power cords and mobile stands.  Do not replace your BPTRU for lack of accessories without first contacting Surgo.


I Need a BPTRU.  If that is not available what is the closest equivalent?

We have sourced an excellent new product that closely mirrors the functionality of the BPTRU.   It is manufactured by one of North America’s leading Blood Pressure manufactures.  It also has a better warranty and a lower price Than the BPTRU.  The closest equivalent to the BPTRU is the Suntech CT40 Automated Blood Pressure device.   If Accurate diagnosis of Hypertension is important to you and you feel the BPTRU was the best product available, call Surgo.   We can provide you with the Suntech CT40, your closest equivalent to the BPTRU.

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