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New Drugs of Abuse Test Cups

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Apr 25, 2017 12:24:37 PM

Not all of our customers use Drugs of Abuse test cups on their patient population, but those that do are raving about our new Drugs of Abuse Urine Test Cups.

There are three reasons why these test cups are so popular.

1. The Cups Innovative design. The strips are integrated within the cup itself. There is no uncapping and manual dipping of strips required. The cups also include a temperature strip to protect from patient tampering. The cups also have a tear away, tamper proof cover that hides the results until the test is in the clinician's hands.

2. Customization of Tests: There are common configurations of tests that we keep in stock. However, if you require, we can have a completely customized cup created for you. The number of tests and test parameters are both elements that we can customize for you.

3. Price: Quite simply the price is excellent. If you are a large volume user of Drugs of Abuse Test Cups we can provide you with an unbeatable contract price. Call us any time for details.

You can order these Cups from us here at of abuse