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Posted by Catherine Hardy-Cooper on Jun 20, 2018 11:30:23 AM

SutureOut is the best suture removal instrument on the market. This product is more comfortable for the patient as well as being proactive in cleanup and making suture removal the easiest it has ever been. 



SutureOut's "outside-in" cutting approach is quick, easy and super versatile - making removal embedded and tightly tied suture loops way easier. Just press the cutting edge under the tied knot to sever the loop and remove the stitch. 

Scissors require getting a tip inside the tied loop. This can be challenging especially for tight sutures. Lifting the tail to get the tip into the loop can cause discomfort to the patient and can even disrupt the wound.



SutureOut uses a guarded-blade design that makes accidental injury to the patient's skin highly unlikely compared to the unguarded tips of scissors or #11 scalpel blades. Practitioner's are reassured knowing the process is not hurting the patient.

 Using scissors can be challenging especially in the cases of tightly tied stitches  and uncooperative or anxious patients. The unguarded tip of scissors or a scalpel blade is prone to damaging the patient's skin or even the healed wound.



Removed knots are efficiently collected on SutureOut's tacky surface. No cleanup of scattered sutures saves time and a makes for a more hygienic workspace. Avoid risks associated with reusing scissors. 

Preparing gauze or basin to collect removed sutures becomes unnecessary with SutureOut. It removes stitches and allows you to collect them with one product! Once done, dispose of SutureOut - with all the removed sutures attached - in any sharps container.


SutureOut is a sterile, disposable suture removal kit that is intended for removing multiple stitches from a single patient.



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