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Access Power Exam Table - 3 Reasons why it keeps Winning Clinical Evaluations.

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Apr 10, 2017 11:10:20 AM

Power exam tables are a mandatory piece of equipment in an clinical environment. The rules in each Province are all slightly different but the theme is the same. Clinics must provide safe and Accessible environments for their staff and patients. The Ontario Accessibility Act is an excellent example. It is strongly recommended that Clinic Managers become familiar with this law and others like it when planning a new clinic.

Accessibility is the key feature for all power exam tables. Tables need to lower to a height of 18" for easy transfer of patients from wheelchairs to the exam table. It is also a key feature for patients with limited mobility. Any medical clinic with a Health and Safety Rep or a Safety Committee will recognize the vital role in staff safety enhancements that a power exam table will also provide.

All leading brands of Power Exam Tables have this low height feature as a standard option. What sets the Brewer Access Power Exam Table apart from other brands are the additional standard features (Free) that are expensive options on other brands.

These key, Free, standard features are:

  1. Extra Storage - standard:  The Brewer Access Table has three large storage drawers, one at the front and two at the sides of the table . It also has a covered storage area for up to six rolls of exam table paper.
  2. Removable Grab Bars- standard: Removable and Swing away patient grab bars are standard on the Brewer Access Table. The patients who benefit from the low access of a power exam table also enjoy the added stability provided by the grab bars.
  3. Pass Through Work Surface - standard: The pass through work surface is essentially a retractable work area that clinicians fine extremely valuable when performing minor procedures.  

The other major brands of power exam tables all make excellent high quality products. These features above are all available for these tables but at an additional cost. Only the Brewer Access High-Low Exam table includes them as free, standard features.

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