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A Cleaner, Simpler way to Remove Sutures

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Feb 6, 2018 11:04:49 AM

Frequently an innovative new medical product comes along that we feel our customers should know about. Introducing SutureOut. SutureOut is a sterile, disposable product that is intended for removing multiple stitches from a single patient. 

SutureOut's"outside-in" cutting approach is quick, easy and very versatile - making removal of embedded and tightly tied suture loops much easier.   Simply press the cutting edge under the tied knot to sever the loop and remove the stitch.

Removed knots are efficiently collected on SutureOut's tacky surface. No cleanup of scattered sutures saves time and a makes for a more hygienic workspace. Avoid risks associated with reusing scissors. 

Seeing is believing for this product. To watch the video visit

You can also learn more about SutureOut at

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