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10 Reasons Why You Need Surgo's Online Ordering Technology for Your Medical Supplies

Posted by HUGO JEFFREY on Mar 25, 2018 5:06:18 PM

If you manage a Medical Clinic that requires you to purchase medical supplies is your only real choice in Canada. provides you with the tools you need to increase clinic efficiency and save you money. Our online ordering program makes it easy for you to get what you need with a few simple clicks.  We have so many benefits and features available to you that it is hard to describe them all in one sitting.  Remember at Surgo, We Make it Easy!

1. Work From Anywhere

With Surgo's online ordering system working for you, you can work from anywhere. Order your Medical Supplies from any location on any device.

2. Save Time

Online ordering saves you time and saves your employees time. When staff does not have to place as many orders over the phone or in person, they have more time to devote to important tasks, such as patient care.  With more staff time devoted to delivering quality patient care your staff and patients will be much happier.

3. Save Money

Nursing time and Staff time costs money.  When you order from the process is so much faster than other methods and other websites that  with just a few clicks you are saving money before you've even looked at pricing!

Surgo's online ordering platform has total price transparency. What you see is what you will see on your invoice.  We have a Lowest Price Guarantee that we strictly adhere to. You can always ensure you get the best price because your pricing is clear, obvious & accurate.   

4. Streamline Your Ordering Process

Surgo's automatic platform makes it easy for you to choose the best product. You can see an image and see a description of your Medical Supplies easily. Orders go directly to our fulfillment department for same day shipment.

5. Reduce Ordering Errors

With online ordering, there is no need to worry about human errors that can be made with traditional ordering methods. Entering the wrong price, quantity or product are common examples of mistakes made with phone orders or in-person orders.

6. Favourites Lists

Don't browse for products, let us create custom list of your most frequently ordered products. With a few clicks your order for Medical Supplies is submitted directly to our warehouse for shipment. We can create your lists for you (you can easily do it yourself as well). You can have multiple custom lists for different departments, users or procedures. We can easily customize your experience to best help you manage your clinic.

7. Multiple Users & Permissions

Do you have multiple users or sites? Do you need to have different levels of ordering permissions for individual users or sites? Tired of spending time accumulating and approving orders. makes all of this simple. In fact, the larger and more complicated your clinic the better our system performs.

8. Invoice History

Imagine, all your past invoices and ordering transactions available to you in a few short clicks. On it's a snap. You can see the colour of the stethosocpe you ordered 5 years ago or the price of tongue depressors from last week.  It's all there for you, with complete details.

9. Accounting

Wouldn't it be helpful if there was a website that showed your current account balance, with supporting invoices and credit notes with an aging summary? Of course it would, and at Surgo, we listen to our customers. All of this and more is available on

10. Cart/Order Building

Don't have enough to complete an order?  On if you want to build a shopping cart over several days you can build and store your cart until you are ready to  submit it for shipping.  Our customers use this feature if they are building an order to achieve free shipping or are waiting for input from various  staff members to build an order.  Your cart will be stored for you until you are ready!

10. Evolution of Service

Best of all, we are always improving the features available to our customers on our website,  It is an ongoing, ever evolving process.   We listen to your needs and adapt our processes accordingly. is really your only choice for the online ordering of medical supplies in Canada.

Let us set your Clinic up today and start receiving the service levels you deserve.